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Supervisor and Students( For Schools )

Our school dispensary features help students learn to manage a dispensary, build custom formulations, and improve patient safety and compliance. They will be well equipped to manage a dispensary after they graduate. We have a variety of herbal medicine schools using our platform to manage their student clinic and also sell to Alumni post graduation. This is an important part of the DispensaryTree offering; being able to stay in touch with previous students, and supporting them in their future careers. With the ability to create supervisor and student accounts, and have formulas and products approved by Supervisors, we are taking student clinic to the next level.

  • Create Student Accounts
  • Create Supervisor Accounts
  • Force Supervisors to Approve Custom Formulas & Products
  • Teach Students to Manage Inventory
  • Allow students to build custom formulations in practice mode
  • Help Students understand how to create custom formulas