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Jason Tarter

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Shipping Refunds

I want to explain How I get about 10% to 20% of my shipping costs returned back to me!



If you send out a lot of shipments, you may want to read on how you can get money back every month without doing any work!

Not many people know that most of the major shipping companies will reimburse you the full amount of shipping when a package is delivered late.  This applies for packages with a guaranteed delivery time.  Canada Post gives me my entire shipping cost back if the package is even one second late! 

Shipping companies often bury it in the fine print, and don’t really advertise it too much because they don’t want you to know.  For the last several years, I was tracking all my packages manually  to figure out which ones were late and then submit a request for a reimbursement.    Typically I had about 10-20% of my packages being delievered late ( I know, not such a good track record Canada Post) so I would recoup about 10 to 20% of my shipping costs.   It really adds up when you are spending thousands a month on shipping, but even if you are not, its still money in your pocket! 

During the beginning of the Pandemic, many shipping companies paused the refunds, but most have started offering it again, so the refunds are back!  

Then I was introduced to companies that would track and submit the refund request for me, but they would take a cut of the refund.   Although I don’t get AS much money back each month, they track and submit the refunds on my behalf and I don’t have to do anything, so its a win-win in my mind.     Saves me a lot of time!  

I highly recommend using Lateshipment.com to track your shipments, and submit your late parcel delivery refunds.   It’s free to join and you only pay when you actually get a refund.   I’ve had a few hundred pacakge refunds in the last year.    

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