School Clinic Dispensary Software

Educational Institutions can  use the School Clinic Dispensary Software to help students  learn about Dispensary Management, while keeping the student clinic dispensary streamlined and organized.

The school dispensary functions teach students to build custom formulations and improve patient safety. Students will be well equipped to manage a herbal dispensary after they graduate.  Your school can help ensure Students graduating understand standard dispensary management procedures.

Herbal Medicine schools using our platform to manage their student clinic also sell to Alumni post graduation to increase revenue and keep in close contact. This is an important part of the DispensaryTree offering; being able to stay in touch with previous students, and supporting them in their future careers. With the ability to create supervisor and student accounts, and have formulas and products approved by Supervisors, we are taking student clinic to the next level.

Student Practitoner Profiles

You can mark a practitioner as a Student and assign one or more supervisors to the Student.  When a student attempts to order a custom formula or product for a patient, it will be sent to their supervisor(s) for approval.   Once Approved, the student can complete the order for the patient in student clinic.

Supervisor Practitioner Profiles

You can mark a practitioner as a supervisor.  You can tag students to the supervisor one by one or bulk add students to a supervisor.   The supervisor will be given a special area where they can view formulas and products submitted by  their students.    The supervisor can view and accept a formula or product submitted by one of their students and view a history of all custom herbal formulas and products submitted.

School Version Highlights

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