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Refill Custom Formula Prescriptions

Herbal Prescription Refills

Refill Custom Formula Prescriptions

Refill Custom Formula Prescriptions by setting refill settings on Custom Formulas and Products. Refills allow practitioners, Students and Supervisors to set refills for patients. Patients can login to their patient website to order available refills which frees up a practitioner’s time to focus on more important tasks. The Refill settings allow practitioners to enter the total number of refills allowed, how often the refill can be ordered, and when the refill expires.


Default Refill Prescription Settings

Each practitioner can set default refill settings which will automatically set refills for formulas and Products so the practitioner does not have to enter the refill settings each time they build a formula.


Order Refills on the Patient Website

Patients can login to the secure HIPAA compliant patient website by registering and verifying their account.   Once they gain access to their secure account, they can pay for their refills online and have it drop shipped or pick up the refill at a physical location.


Formula Prescription and Product Refill Options

Practitioners can specify for each formula and product the number of refills allowed, how often the patient can order a refill and when the refill expires.  If a mistake is made, the practitioner can update these refill options and also disable refills for a patient if necessary.

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