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Our Story

I was frustrated with how herbal medicine was dispensed, and although the use of herbal medicine is ancient, I didn’t feel that managing an herbal dispensary should be stuck in the stone age.

This set me on a journey to automate and organize herbal medicine to improve the clinic workflow and ensure we always had enough herbs in stock. I wanted to understand what I needed and how much without using tedious and overcomplicated spreadsheets and handwritten notes.

Other practitioners wanted to leverage my herbal stock so I set out to build the best dispensary software to benefit all herbalists.

We hired a development team and got to work and in 2016 launched our first dispensary software for our in-house dispensary. It has quickly grown and is used all over the world by large dispensaries, small clinics and schools.

Our biggest mission is to completely automate dispensary management, and with each new update we step closer to that goal.