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Low Stock Tracking

Maintaining herbal medicine stock is difficult, even the old-fashioned way with paper and pen and a diligent dispensary manager, it is time consuming and a major headache. Whether you are a clinic or a large dispensary, our advanced inventory management system will save you time and make you more efficient. Maintaining records of when inventory is entering the dispensary and leaving is crucial for ensuring patient safety and adhering to industry standards.
Our years of experience and attention to details have garnered us to have a robust and efficient inventory system to keep track of herbal medicine ingredients, while providing you a user-friendly system.

  • Track Batch and Lot Numbers for every item
  • Add Multiple suppliers Per Herbal Ingredient
  • Track cost per goods for each batch/lot number
  • Dashboard report for low stock items
  • Set low threshold to know which items are low in stock
  • Specify lot/batch numbers used during fulfillment of custom formulas and products
  • Barcode scanning using internal barcodes or supplier generated barcodes
  • Modify Inventory
  • Control Batch and Lot Numbers
  • Intelligent lot/batch tracking
  • Inventory History
  • Create Purchase Orders with Inventory

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