Jason Tarter

Jason Tarter

Herbalist and Lead Software Designer

The following went live On 9/24

1.  Box Sizes  –  Small bug with box sizes for shipping not appearing correctly.   Not affecting most dispensaries.  

2.  Inventory Tabbing Update.   You can press the tab button to move to the next field when adding inventory instead of requiring the mouse to move to the next field.  

3.  Product Pictures –   Some product pictures when uploaded, are getting cut off when viewing them in the practitioner account.   This will be resolved.  

4.  Category with No Products.   If a category has no products tagged to it, the product category will no longer appear in the practitioner accounts.  

5.  3 Decimal Places for Prices –  You will be able to charge herbs and premix formulas using 3 decimal places.  

6.  Inventory Level Filtering.    If filtering by a herb type, some herbs were missing and not included when they should be.   

7.  Order Notes –   We are adding the ability for Practitioner and Patients to add a note to their orders which will appear in the Order View Section in the Admin.  The note area will appear in all checkouts; in practitioner account, in patient account and on public payment pages.   

8.  Product Upload & Descriptions –   We’ve improved the product  CSV upload so the description stays exactly the same when updating existing products by uploading a CSV File. 

9.  Adding the ability to use the Trademark symbol (TM) throughout the entire platform.  

10.  Multiple Admin Accounts –  Ability to add more than one admin account and restrict or block user access to specific areas of the admin.   

11.  Other minor issues, text changes to make the system better.  

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