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View Product List

To view your product listings, go to Admin > Products

Your product list shows you all the products in your dispensary. There are 2 types of products.

  1. Simple Products – This is a non modifiable product and sold in whole units which cannot be split apart.
  2. Herb Products – These are products which are created from single herbs and premix formulas. When you define these products, it allows the fulfiller/packager to reduce herb and premix stock amounts when the product is ordered.

The products page allows you to manage your products, and also shop for products by adding them to the admin cart.

Description of Product Table Fields


Green – The product is Live on your dispensary, or in “Published” mode

Blue – The product is not live on your dispensary or in “Pending Review” mode

Red – The product is not live on your dispensary or in “Draft” mode


Displays the price of the product before taxes and shipping. If there is an automatic discount applied to the product, the normal price will be crossed out and the reduced price is displayed.

Herb Type

If the product is classified as a “Herb Product” it will show the herb type, which can be Granules, Raw/Bulk, Concentrates or Tinctures.


The weight of the product, if the product is classified as a Herb Product. Based on the settings of the product, you can either enter the value that you want, or choose from predetermined values in a drop down box. If you change the weight, the price will be adjusted.


Enter the number of products you want to add to the cart. The price will adjust accordingly.


The category of the product will be displayed. If you want to update the category, click on it, and select other categories. If you want to add a new category, you can do that in your category settings, or in the secondary tab after clicking the category name. If no category is assigned to the product, it will display with the text “Assign Category”. Click on the text to assign a category to the product.


If you are purchasing the product or adding it to the cart in admin, you can tag a patient to the product by selecting them from the drop down list. You can also search for a patient in the drop down to make it easier.


Add to Cart – This will place the product into the cart admin. For help on using the Admin Cart, Click Here.

Save for Later – If you want to add the product to your saved items list

Edit– If you want to edit the product details

Delete– If you want to delete the product. If you click on this option, the product will be sent to the Trash. The trash bin is located at the top of this page. You must delete the product from the Trash to completely remove it from your dispensary. We do this as a precaution, incase you accidently delete the product.