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View Orders Overview

Go to Admin > Orders

After an order is placed by a Practitioner or a Patient, it shows up in the Orders Section.

Order List

This is what the order list looks like in your dispensary.

There are several tabs at the top which filter orders.

Active Orders – This is all the orders that have not been marked as “completed”

Paid Orders – Orders which have been paid

Vouched Orders – Practitioners can vouch for orders if this is active in your dispensary.

Orders Complete Pending Payment – These are vouched orders, but you are waiting for payment still.

Back Orders – Orders with products which are out of stock

Cancelled Orders – Any order with its status set to “Cancel”

Completed Orders – Any order with its status set to “Completed”

Order View

To view a specific order, click on the Invoice# and you will see a screen similar to this one.

The order is split between 3 tabs;

Details – Shows you the Practitioner Information, Patient Information, Shipping Details, and associated costs and charges for the order.

Preparation – Shows you the specific products and formulations which were ordered and lets you fulfill the order

Tracking – If shipping is set to ON, will allow you to track the shipment.

Details Tab

Order # – Displays the Order #. You can control how order numbers work in Order Settings.

Order Date and Time – The date and time the order was placed.

Order Status – The current Status of the Order

Grand Total – The total cost of the order including all taxes and shipping

Paid By – Displays if a practitioner is paying for the order or a patient

Shipping Type Requested – Displays which shipping method and service should be used

Download Invoice – Lets you view and download the invoice.

Payment Link – If the patient is paying, you can access the payment page.

Shipping Details

The shipping details area lets you view and modify shipping details.

Ship To/Pickup: You view & change the recipient of the package, either the Patient, Practitioner or a pickup. If its a pickup, you can select who is going to pick up the package, either the patient, practitioner or another person. If its another person, you can view or change who that person will be; including their name, phone number and email address.

Shipping is split up between “real time” rates, and rates you can setup. To change a shipping option, select a new option or click on “override shipping price” to change the actual shipping price to any amount you want.

Weight Calculation

For the purposes of determing the weight of the shipment, we use the following;

Product Weight – Each product has a weight you can specify in the Product Record

Herb Weight – The weight of the herbs in the formula

Container Weight – The weight of the containers used, which can be added in container settings.

Shipping Box Weight – We cannot determine the exact box you are going to use for every order (yet), but the system allows you to set a default shipping box and a weight for the box. Go to Settings>Shipping >Box Sizes

If you change the weight of any of these fields and then click on update shipping prices, the real time rates will adjust their price. If you are happy with the changes, click on Save. Shipping charges will not change on the actual order until you press save.

Create Shipping Label

You can generate a shipping label for the order by clicking on “Create Shipping Label”.

Order Pricing


The pricing and cost details regarding the order are displayed. If the order is unpaid, you can change who will be paying for the order; patient or practitioner.


You can apply a discount code for the order, or if one has already been applied, you can remove the discount.

Order Status

To modify the order status, select a new status from the drop down menu and click on submit. You can also enter a comment about the order. When the order is complete, change the status to “completed” and it will be moved to the “Completed” Tab. Once the order is set as complete, any markup amount will be available to the practitioner in their account.

Order Notification History

This section will give you a history of communication sent to the practitioner or patient of the order, whether it was an email or text (SMS) message.

Order Notes

The order notes area will display any notes regarding the order, and also specify if the note is from the practitioner or the patient.

Status History

The status history will display all status changes for the order. If a comment was entered when the status was changed, it will appear under the comment section. (see above)

Practitioner Details

Contact information for the practitioner is listed. If you click on “Send Email or Send SMS” you can send a notification manually to the practitioner.

Patient Details

Contact information for all patients is listed. If you click on “Send Email or Send SMS” you can send a notification manually to each patient

Shipping Address

The details of the shipping address is displayed. Remember, you may have multiple patients in an order, but there can only be one shipping address per order. To modify the shipping address, please see above under shipping details.

Preparation Details


If you click on the preparation tab, you will see the details of the formulas and products in the order. There may be multiple formulas and products in the order and they will ALL appear on this page.

Product Formula Name – This is the name of the product or formula

Patient – This is the patient associated with the product or formula. It is not mandatory to have a patient associated with the item, and may be blank.

Weight/Volume – The weight or volume of the formula

Quantity – The number of units/formulas ordered.

Markup – If the markup setting/option is ON, and a practitioner has set a markup on the order, it will be displayed here. The dispensary admin can change the markup amount by modifying the type of markup ( percentage or fixed) and the value in the box.

Markup Price – The actual dollar value of the markup

Total – The total cost of the formula, not including taxes, fees or shipping.

Item Status – The status of the particular item in the order. Each item in the order can have its own status, including, “Fulfilled.

Formula Preparation

To prepare a formula, you need to print the label, print the infosheet and then measure out each herb in the formula and put it into a container or bag. The quantities of your formula will not be deducted from your inventory levels until you click on fulfill and measure each amount.

Print Label – To print the default label, click on the button “Print Label” and a label will be generated in a pdf or image file, depending on your settings. If you click the down arrow, you can choose a specific label you want to use instead of the default. To bulk print labels, click here.

Print Infosheet – To print the infosheet, click on the button “Print Infosheet” and your default infosheet will be created in pdf. Click on print and it will print the pdf on a printer you select.

Fulfill Order – When you are ready to measure out each herb in the formula, click on the fulfill button and you will see a screen similar to this one.

Fulfilling a Product or Formula

To fulfill a formula you can select the lot number you are using for each herb and measure out the required herb/premix formula. If you need to use more than one lot number, click on the + (plus) symbol and you can select a second lot number. You can select an unlimited number of lot numbers. You can also select closed lot numbers.

Description of above screenshot:

Practitioner Name: The practitioner who submitted the order

Patient Name: The patient associated with the formula

Formula Name: The name of the formula

Type: The herb type of the formula

Special Instructions: If the practitioner entered special instructions for the formula, it will be shown here. It will not be shown to the patient at any point.

Add On Services: – If there any add on services selected for this order, it will be displayed here.

Table Data

Sku# – The SKU# of the item in the formula

Item – The herb or premixed formula default name. To change the default name, go into the herb or premix formula record and update it. To set the default herb name go to Admin >Settings > Catalog

Order Qty – The total quantity of the herb or premix formula

Lot# – The lot# you are using for each herb in the formula. You can specify more than one lot# per herb by clicking on the + Icon. If a lot has been closed, you can also pick a closed lot number.

Lot Control – If you want to turn a lot off, you can toggle the lot control to OFF for a specific herb or premix formula lot#.

Fulfillment Instructions

Measure out each herb in the formula and choose the associated lot numbers. Depending on the formula, you may be putting the herbs into a bag, bottle or other container. Once you have completed the formula measuring, click on the green fulfill button and you will be presented with a review screen.



If any of the data does not match up, it will be displayed in Red/Pink. Press close to fix any issues and try again. When everything looks good, click on “Confirm and Fulfill” and the formula will be marked as “Completed” and the stock values will decrease for each herb and associated lot number.

If there is only one item ordered, it will take you back to the Order Details page. If there is more than one product or formula, it will take you to the next item to be fulfilled, unless you choose a different option in the drop down box next to the button “Confirm and Fulfill”