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Update Pricing


To update the prices for your herbs and premix formulas in bulk you can download your current prices.    The premix formulas and ingredients must exist in your dispensary before you complete this task.

To export your prices go to Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Export > Pricing 

Choose between Herbs or Premix Formulas and click on “Export Pricing”

A CSV File will be produced, and you can open it up in Excel




Please keep the Herb ID next to the same herb, do not mix these up

The default herb name or premix formula will be shown, you cannot change the name here.  If you need to alter this data, please export your herb ingredients and modify that file and re-upload it.

It will show you your latest cost of goods

You can enter a manual cost of goods which will override the latest cost of goods

You can update the default selling price.  Do not include a $ sign.   You can enter a value up to three decimal places, which allows you to charge by half a cent.  Example,  0.095

If you want to use a pricing rule for the default selling price, you can create a rule, and enter the name of the rule next to the herb or premix formula

It is optional, but you can use price tiering and charge a different price based on the quantity ordered.   We have provided up to 10 Tiers in this file, but you don’t have to use them all or any of them.

Enter the Range   Example   0.1-5   or   1-5 and the Tier Condition.   The Tier Conditions include   “exactPrice”  “margin”  “Markuppercentage”  “fixedmarkup’ Then enter the Tier 1 Price.


Next Step

Finalize your file and save it.

Re-upload it so the changes take effect by going to Admin > Settings > Data > Import > Import Existing > Pricing