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Text / SMS Messages

Go to Admin > Settings > Notifications > SMS/TEXT

There are many text/sms templates that you can customize for your dispensary. There are text messages which are triggered that will be sent to the Admin (You), Patient and also to the practitioner.

Turning SMS/Text Messge On and Off

You can turn the status of the messages on or off and it won’t be trigged.

Edit Text Message

You can edit the text message Please be cautious about modify sms messages pertaining to password and username verification / lost passwords, and do not remove tags in the emails which will use information from the database. Most emails are safe to edit, and if you delete something by accident, you can contact us for assistance.

SMS Text Length

160 characters in the U.S. and Canada is the industry-standard maximum for SMS messages across all carriers and phones.

Do not make the text message data too long. It will trigger multiple text messages to arrive to a patient or practitioner and is not user friendly and does not create a smooth experience. Text message content is restricted to a maximum of 160 characters so recipient only receives 1 text message. Please remember that data is being merged from the database, such as a payment link URL, this counts towards the 160 characters.

Text Signature

You can define an SMS signature and it will be put into every text message at the bottom. Again, do not make this very long as it counts towards your 160 character limit.

Custom SMS/Text Messages

You can create your own custom messages, which you can send to Practitioners and Patients. These messages right now are not triggered automatically. You can send these text messages when you are viewing an Order in the Admin by selecting the text you want to send to the Patient or Practitioner.