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Print Custom Formula Labels

For each order you can print the label for a custom formula. You can either print one label at a time or you can bulk print many labels at once.

Bulk Print Labels

To save time, you can select many orders at once, and print all the labels with one click, instead of going to each individual order which is time consuming.

Steps to Bulk Print

  • Go to Admin > Orders > and View the Orders in any of the tabs
  • Select the Orders you want to print labels
  • Using the drop down box at the bottom left of the main table body of the page, choose “Print Labels Only”
  • A pdf file of the labels will be generated and saved automatically to your computer
  • Open the File and Select Print

Steps to Print One Label

  • Go to Admin > Orders > List Orders >and click on an order to View It
  • Go to the Fulfillment Tab
  • Click on Print Label and the label will generate in either pdf, jpg or png based on your settings
  • You can choose to print via “Avery Label Template” based on your Label Settings
  • You can also choose a specific label template by selecting “Choose Label” in the drop down

Steps to Print Avery Labels

If your labels are tagged to an avery label template, you can choose to print with the template chosen. You can only print one label at a time.

Click on the drop down menu to print a label in the order fulfillment tab

Choose “print avery”

It will display a screen to let you choose which label on the avery label template you want to print on