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Price Tier Templates

Go to Admin > Settings > Catalog > Price Tiers Templates

If your dispensary charges a different price depending on the quantity ordered, you can create “tiered pricing templates” for each herb type.  You can create more than one template.
Templates can be applied manually to a herb/premix formula, which will save you time, not having to re-create the tiers for each catalog item.
Templates are also necessary if you plan to create a pricing rule with tiered pricing.

Used By

If you click the “view” button in the “used by” column, it will show you which pricing rule is using the tier template.

Edit Ranges

You can edit the ranges at anytime.  If any of your herbs or pricing rules are using the tier template, those herbs and pricing rules will also be updated.


You can delete the template, but only if the template is not associated/tagged to any pricing rule of herb/premix catalog item.