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Practitioner Registration Form

Go to Admin > Settings > Websites > Practitioner > Registration Form

You can control which fields of the registration form are active and required. If you turn the status to ‘Off’, the field will be removed from the registration form. Rename Fields
Click on the “Edit” option in the action menu and you can rename the field.

Re-Order Fields

Re-Order the Fields by changing the value in the box on the page which lists all the fields of the registration form.   The lower the number the higher it will appear onthe page.

Fields with Selections

On some fields there may be more than one selection. (selection box) If you click on the edit button, you can change the selection values.

Turn Registration form off

To turn the registration form off, click on the tab “settings” and toggle the option to off. If you do this, practitioners will not be able to register through the public registration link. The dispensary admin can still add practitioners manually.

Add Fields

You cannot add fields to the registration form