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Practitioner Registration Form Settings

To access the practitioner registration form, go to the following URL, replacing the XXXXX with the name of your dispensary.


Practitioners can register for their own account by filling out a form which the dispensary admin controls.   For information on which fields to include and also make mandatory on the form, click here

Practitioner Approval

Practitioners need to be approved after they register.   After the practitioner submits the form, they will be shown a message.   You can modify this message by going to Admin > Settings > Websites > Text Boxes > Register Success Page.   Change the text in this box and this is the message that will be shown to practitioners after they register.

In the admin, the unapproved practitioner will appear in Admin > Practitioners > Unapproved Practitioners.   You will also get a notification about the new registration and can link directly to the new practitioner profile from the notification, which appears in the notification area in the top menu bar in admin.

To approve the practitioner, click on the approve toggle switch.   This will trigger a welcome email to be sent to the practitioner.   You can modify the welcome email in notification settings.