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Practitioner Navigation

Go to Admin > Settings > Websites > Practitioner > Navigation

You can change the navigation menu in the practitioner website by removing items, re-ordering items and adding items.

1.  The main navigation is the “Left Navigation”.

2.  You can change the order of the navigation by changing the number in the order box.  The lower the number, the higher up the navigation menu will be.   Example, if you enter 0, it will be the first option.

Add Menu Options

You can add new menu options to a navigation.

New Internal Menu Item
An internal menu item is a page which already exists in your dispensary.   Click on “Add New internal menu item”

  1.  Enter the Name you want to appear in the navigation
  2.  Select an Icon (optional)
  3.  Select a section, either “Content Pages” “Internal Pages” or “Categories”

A content page is a page you have created within your dispensary.  You can create a new page by going to Admin > Pages > Add New
An Internal Page is one that already exists in your dispensary.

The category is a list of your Product Categories

4.  Press save.

New External Menu Item

If you want to link to a page outside of the dispensary.   Example, you wanted to link to your Practice or Dispensary Sales website.  You can do that in this section.