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Practitioner Catalog

Practitioner Catalog Help Video

Go to Admin > Settings > Catalog > Practitioner Catalog

The practitioner catalog allows you to have a listing of herbs and premix formulas which shows in the practitioner account.  This allows practitioners to quickly see all the herbs and premix formulas that are available in your dispensary.

Since there are so many fields available for herb and premix formula records, and only a limited amount of space available on the page, you can choose which fields are shown to the practitioner, the order they appear, and if they appear as text or an image.

Column Tab


Turn the status on for fields you want to appear in the catalog table.

Select the order of the fields in the table from left to right by entering a number.   The lower the number, the more to the left of the table it will appear.

To edit the  field, click on edit and you can change the field to appear as an image and also specify the width of the column in pixels.  Example, if you want organic to appear as an image instead of text.   Only some fields can be shown as an image.  Example, we cannot show “Latin Name” as an image because it would be impossible.

Sample View of the Practitioner Catalog

Turn on the Catalog

To turn on the catalog, you need to enable it in the practitioner website.
Go to Admin > Settings > Websites > Practitioner Tab > Navigation Menu > Left Navigation
One of the options is “Catalog”, if you enable this navigation menu it will appear in the practitioner website in the left navigation.