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Navigation Menu

Go to Admin > Settings > Websites > Practitioner > Practitioner Navigation

You can control which items appear in the navigation menu in the practitioner account.

There are currently 2 navigation menus and you can turn them on/off

1st Menu – Main left navigation Menu

2nd Menu – Hidden Help Menu which appears on the right hand side and is hidden unless its opened b clicking on the menu icon in the top right hand corner of the practitioner account.

  1. Click on Menu Items Button corresponding to the menu you want to update
  2. You will be shown the menu items

Position – refers to the order it will be displayed in the navigation menu. The smaller the number, the higher up in the list it will appear.

Show on Website– If you want to not show the menu item on the practitioner website, toggle this to OFF>.

Add Menu Item

You can add menu items by adding an internal dispensary page – Choose “New Internal Menu Item”

You can add an external link to the navigation menu – Choose New External Menu Item. This is good if you want to link directly to a website like your clinic or dispensary homepage, or a site that you reference often.

New Internal Menu Item

  1. Add the name of the menu item how you want it to appear in the Practitioner Website
  2. HTML Class is more for advanced users, you can leave blank
  3. Select Icon – click on the button and you can choose an icon to appear
  4. Select Module – Choose an internal page type, either content page you created, a system internal page or a category
  5. After you make your selection, another box will appear letting you pick specific pages or modules associated with your choice.
  6. If you do not see your option in the list, you will need to create an external link in the navigation. You can still link to an internal page if you select “external link”