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Modify Inventory

Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Update Existing > Inventory

Modifying inventory is a routine task performed by dispensaries to help ensure inventory values are accurate.  When we refer to inventory, we are only referring to how much you have of an item in your catalog.  We are not referring to adding new items.

Over time, herb and premix formula values become inaccurate, because most dispensaries are selling very small amounts.

Often herbs are purchased & sold in increments which are not one hundred percent exact, there is spillage and human error which causes inventory values to become inaccurate over a period of time.

For example, we purchase granules in 100g bottles, but there is often 103 g or 104 g in the bottle.  Twice per year we will do an inventory count and update our inventory with the correct values.

To accomplish this quickly, we export our inventory stock amounts, change the values, and re-upload it.

Step 1

Download a CSV file containing your inventory amounts.  It’s same process of bulk uploading values when you first setup your dispensary.   You can create this file in both the export and import sections, under the inventory tab.

Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Import > Existing Data > Modify Inventory


Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Export > Inventory

Step 2

Choose the information you want to download by selecting the correct criteria in the drop down boxes.

Select Item Type
Select Herb Type
Select Name Type
Download and Open

Make a copy of the file just in case you make a mistake.  You can also download the file twice. 

Step 3

Update the values in the CSV file with the correct values.   If you have any lot number not in your file, you can add it here, and when you upload the file, the dispensary system will add it to your dispensary.

You can change the values in the file to be higher or lower, and the system will adjust your inventory values up or down.   You can even change a value to 0.

Inventory values cannot be in a negative state.

Step 4

Re-upload the saved file back into your dispensary by going here.

Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Import > Existing Data > Modify Inventory

You can now go to your Inventory History (Admin > Inventory > Inventory History) to see all the changes and also view your Inventory Levels (Go to Admin > Inventory > Inventory Levels) to ensure the changes were made.