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Import Supplier Products

Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Import New Data > Supplier Products

Adding supplier products means you can create purchase orders for products from suppliers.  For more information on purchase orders, click here.

1.  Ensure your Supplier Exists in your dispensary.

2. After you create your supplier, please locate the supplier ID from the Supplier List Page.  Go to Admin > Lists > Supplier.  Mark this number down.

3. Depending on your supplier products, you may be purchasing single herbs and/or premix formulas.  This tutorial will be for single herbs, but you would do the exact same thing for premix formulas.

4. Export your single herbs

5. Download the Sample CSV File for uploading Supplier Products.  Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Import New Data > Supplier Products and click on the download sampe file.

Fields in Supplier Upload CSV

Herb ID
Herb Name
Herb Type
Item Type
Name Of Product
Supplier SKU#
Brand Name
Supplier ID
Selling Price
Shipping Weight
Measurement Type

6.  Not all the fields are mandatory.   To add a supplier product to a single herb, enter the herb ID, herb name and the herb type.  The reason we had you download your single herbs is because this data is contained in this file.  Just copy the data from that file into the supplier product CSV.

7.  Then add the name of the suppliers product which corresponds to each herb.

8.  Enter the SKU# of the suppliers product.

9.  Enter the brand name of the supplier product (optional)

10. Enter the supplier ID you copied from step 2.  If your CSV sheet only contains one supplier, you can copy and paste it down the entire column.

11.  Enter the UPC and/or EAN number of the supplier product (optional)

12.  Enter the price you pay for the product in selling price column.

13.  Enter the MSRP (Manufacture Suggested Retail Price)  (optional)

14.  Enter the weight of the product (Optional)

15.  Enter the number of grams, ml, oz. or kg in the weight/volume column.  Just the number.

16.  Enter the measurement type, either g, kg, ml, oz into the measurement type field.

17.  Save your file

18.  Upload your file by going to Admin > Settings > Data > Import New Data > Supplier Products

If you obtain the product and price information from your supplier, it will not take very long to match their product to your single herbs and then you can upload it.   You will then be able to create purchase orders with these products.