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Import New Inventory

Import New Inventory Help Video

Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Import > New Data > Inventory

Inventory is the stock levels you have of each herb, premix formula or product. It ONLY deals with how much you have of everything and tracks how you consume it.

This section explains how to add inventory/stock levels to your dispensary by uploading it in BULK. If you want to add it one by one, click here.

Generally when you first start your dispensary, its easier to upload your current stock levels all at once, instead of adding it one by one.

For most dispensaries, they add it manually one by one when receiving new inventory on an ongoing basis.

How to Upload Inventory

When you upload your inventory quanty/stock levels, the system needs to know which herb, premix formula or product to add the inventory to. Each item in your dispensary has a unique ID associated with, which needs to be included in the upload file. For this reason, we have created functionality to automatically create the file for you and all you need to do is add the lot number and quantity to the file.

On this page, you can create the CSV file by choosing the following

Item Type
Herb Type
Name Type

Then click on the download button and the CSV file you need to use will be generated for you.

Fill out CSV File

Open up the CSV file we just created and it will look similar to the example to your right.

Column A shows you the item ID, which has been generated by the system. Do not change this number and always ensure the product associated with this number stays constant. If you need to sort the excel columns, make sure you sort all the columns and not just one or you will add stock amounts to the wrong item. OOOPS!

1. Enter the Qty per Item you have on hand

2. Enter the Lot# for the item. If you do not have a lot number, you will need to make one up or it will not import properly.

3. If you have more than one lot number for an item, duplicate the row contents, ensuring the ID is the same, and enter the qty and lot number for the second lot.

Remove Blank Rows

If there are items in the spreadsheet that do not have a qty, you need to remove these rows from your CSV sheet before you upload it. The system will not allow items to be uploaded that do not have a quantity or lot number.

Upload CSV File

Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Import New Data > Inventory

where it says “Upload CSV File” select the button “Choose File” and find the saved file on your computer.

Review Data

The system will analyze your CSV file to ensure all the required information is there, and that all the ID’s exist in the system. If everything is good, the screen will look completely white, and the “Confirm and Upload” green button will be shown at the BOTTOM of the screen.

Click on “Confirm and Upload” and your data will be uploaded.

You can check that the data was uploaded by going to Admin > Inventory > Inventory Levels

You can also check that the data was uploaded by going to Admin > Inventory > Inventory History