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Import & Export Overview

Go to Admin >Settings > Data

Import New Data

Importing new data means the data is NOT already in your dispensary. For example, if you are adding a NEW herb, premix formula or product, it will not exist in your dispensary. Items not appearing in your dispensary have no ID associated with it. Once you upload it for the first time, the system will assign these items an ID. If you try to import new data into the existing data section, it will not work, because new data doesn’t have an ID, and the system will be looking for this ID. If you are getting errors, check to ensure you are uploading to “New Data”.

You can import the following New Data:

1.   Categories
2.  Single Herbs
3.  Products
4.  Herb Products (Custom Products)
5.  Premix Formulas
6.  Inventory/Stock
7.  Suppliers’ Products

Update Existing Data

You can update existing data in your dispensary by first exporting the data into a CSV file, making changes to the file, and then importing it again.

There is a specific section for updating existing data. If you try to import existing data into the “new data” section it will be rejected. This is because these files will have column showing the item ID, and new data doesn’t have this ID, so the data will not match up.

You can import to update existing data for the following types of data:

1.  Single Herbs
2. Products
3. Herb Products
4. Premix Formulas
5. Inventory/Stock Values
6. Suppliers

Exporting Data

You can export data from your dispensary into CSV files.

1.  Single Herbs|
2. Products
3. Herb Products
4. Premix Formulas
5. Inventory/Stock Values
6. Formula Templates
7. Orders
8. Suppliers