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Create a Discount Code

Discount Help Video

Go to Admin > Discounts > Discount Codes Tab > Create New

To create a new discount code, select “Add New” under the discount section, and fill out the following information. Then press Save.

Discount Code

Enter the exact discount code ( case sensitive) you want to create for the promotion

Expiry Date

Enter when the discount will expire.

Discount Type

Choose between Flat and Percentage


Enter the value. Do not enter a % sign. 10 will equal 10% or $10 depending on the discount type selected above.

Applies To

Select Products or Custom Formulas

if Custom Formulas; Choose Which

Type of Custom Formula

If Product Choose Which Products, you can add more than one.

If Product Category Choose Which Categories

Maximum Uses Per Customer

Enter a value for the maximum number of times the promo code can be used by a customer

Minimum Order Amount

Enter the dollar value without a $ sign for the minimum order amount before taxes, markup and shipping to qualify for this discount code

Text Shown to User

Enter text you want shown to the user after they input the discount code. You may leave blank.