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Add Inventory

Go to Admin > Inventory > Add


As you purchase more inventory you will need to add your new stock to your dispensary to track it.

  1. To add stock to your dispensary, type the herb, product or premix name in the boxes below.
  2. Make sure to choose the correct herb type when selecting it.
  3. Enter the quantity, lot number and expiry date (optional) for each item and then press submit.
  4. Lots in Red indicate closed lots.  Once you add more stock amount to the closed lot it will open again.
  5. You will be taken to a confirmation page showing you exactly what you have added to inventory.

You can confirm the inventory you have added to your dispensary. If you made a mistake you can delete the transaction or modify the amount you added. If you need to add more inventory, click on 

If the lot number already existed, the new amount will be added to the existing lot

If the lot did not already exist, the new lot will be automatically created

You can view these transactions in your Inventory History (Admin > Inventory > Inventory History)