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Add/Edit an Herb Product

Go to Admin > Products > Add Herb Product

A herb product is a product you can create from single herbs and premix formulas.   You can create a product from items in your inventory and sell them as a product.

  1. Enter the Name of the Product
  2. Enter a SKU#
  3. Select a Brand ( optional)4.  Select a Supplier (optional)
  4. Enter Default Dosage Instructions (optional).  These will appear on an infosheet if you create one for this herb product.
  5. Enter a Description
  6. Press Save.

Select Category

Click on the Category Tab on the left hand side of the page.
Choose an existing category for the product or create a new category.
The Product will only appear for a practitioner in the practitioner website if it has a category.

Add Ingredients

Click on the “Product Herbs” option in the left menu on the same page.

  1. Choose the name type you want to build the formula with
  2. Choose the herb type for the formula
  3. Enter the ingredients of the herb.  You can enter any data you want here, it doesn’t have to be items already in your dispensary
  4. Enter a value for each herb.  This is optional you can leave it blank

note:  data that appears here can be shown on the infosheet and label.

Add Images

Add an image to your product by uploading it or enter a URL where the image is located online.

Set Pricing Options

There are 2 options for pricing ‘herb products’

    1. Variable Pricing

This means it will look at the herbs in your formula and calculate the price based on the selling price of each of the herbs/premixes, and the practitioner can specify any quantity they want to order.

    1. Fixed Pricing

This means you will specify a set amount as the total quantity and a specific price for the product.  You can create more than quantity and price.

Example:  100g is charged $10.00,    200g is charged $15.00

Variable Pricing

Fixed Pricing