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Add/Edit a Product

To add a new product, Go to Admin > Products and then click on “Add New Product. If you want to create a custom product which contain herbs and premix formulas, go here.

You will be shown a page that looks like this.

Fill out the following information

  1. Product Name
  2. SKU#
  3. Weight of Product ( for shipping calculation)
  4. Product Brand (optional)
  5. Product Supplier (optional)
  6. Description

Then Press Save

Then choose the Pricing Tab, and enter the selling price for the product and how much you pay for the product, and press save.

If you want to assign the product to a product cagtegory, click on the category tab and choose an appropriate category.  You can also create a new category on this page.

If you want to add images, click on the images tab and add an image.