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Switching Practitioners

Go to the Top Menu Bar In Admin

Switching Practitioners – Dispensary Tree

Click on the practitioners name to change active practitioner, view active practitioner profile or login to the active practitioners account

Active Practitioner in Admin

If you are a solo practitioners, this does not apply to you. 

If there are multiple practitioners in your dispensary, the admin can choose which practitioner is currently active in the admin.

The admin can control the account of ONEpractitioner at a time.  In the top menu, it says…”You are shopping for… and then there is a name of a practitioner.

When a practitioner is active, it means when you view the cart, you are viewing the cart of the active practitioner.   When you are building a formula, you are building a formula for the active practitioner, and when you add a patient, you are adding a patient for the active practitioner.

The dispensary admin can change who the active practitioner is at anytime, but you can only have ONE active practitioner at a time.

Change Active Practitioner

Click on the practitioners name in the top menu bar.   There is a drop down list where you can choose another practitioner or search for a practitioner.

Log into practitioner account

The dispensary admin can also log directly into the practitioners account.

View Practitioner Profile

The dispensary admin can view and control the practitioners settings in the admin.