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Dispensary Setup Instructions

When you first register your dispensary, it is completely blank.  This is because there are different types of herbalists using the platform, and they don’t all use the same herbs and the same settings.   I would give yourself a couple of hours to setup your dispensary, and we are more than happy to help you get setup if you get stuck.   Please email us if you need assistance.

You have just signed up most likely, and you are ready to start organizing your dispensary. The following contains information which will make your journey easier.

  1. Watch the videos during setup, it will help you learn how to setup faster.
  2. This software is built for herbal medicine practitioners who want to build custom formulations, save them, re-use them, and order them for patients. You can also sell products.
  3. Learning the platform takes about 2 to 4 weeks. Watch my videos, it will go a lot faster
  4. You are going to have access to features that you do not need. You can turn most things off and get them out of the way, but there will still be features that are hanging around that you will never need. ( at least for now)
  5. The software holds data about single herbs, premix formulas and products you sell. At this moment in time, this is not tied at all to how much you have of it. When you are setting things up, first you must add WHAT YOU HAVE, and then at the very moment you are ready to go “live” and start using it, then you are going to add HOW MUCH you have of everything.
  6. You can add more than what you actually have. You may add herbs that you currently don’t have in stock, but you know you will want to build formulas with them, or possibly acquire one day in the future.
  7. You can turn ALMOST every feature off in the dispensary. We are working hard to offer more functionality, so things will always be changing.

There are three sets of important data to initially upload, and they may not all apply to you. SINGLE HERBS, PREMIX FORMULAS and PRODUCTS. If you encounter any issues with getting data into the system, just send the csv file to and let us look at your file. We are here to help.

Login Links

If you go to and try to find a “login” link, YOU WILL NOT FIND ONE.    Every dispensary has its own database, its own unique links, and therefore there isn’t one main login for all dispensaries.    After you register your dispensary, you will be sent an email with your login links.   If you forget them or misplace them, you can send us a support request.

Replace #username with your username to get your unique link.

Admin Login:

Practitioner Login:

Practitioner Registration Page

Patient Login:

Patient Verification Page

The #username portion is the name of your dispensary and this was chosen when you registered your dispensary.   If you misplace this information, please contact us.

Step 1 – Create Practitioner

  • You are going to create a new practitioner in the system, by going to Admin > Practitioners > Add Practitioner
  • Fill out the Form, and ensure the practitioner is set to Active.
  • Practitioners can also register themselves, by going to  “”    Please note you must replace “yourusername” with the name of your dispensary for this link to work.
  • After you create your first practitioner, you need to set your default practitioner in your dispensary admin.

To set your default Practitioner, go to Admin > Settings > Websites > Admin Website and set a default practitioner

Step 2 – Add Herbs

We do not put any herbs into your dispensary when its setup. This is because not everyone uses the same herbs, so it would be overwhelming to have every herb already in there, and many you wouldn’t even use. To save you time, we have lists of herbs you can use to quickly add herbs to your dispensary. You need to fill out an excel file with the herbs you want in your dispensary and upload it. You can of course add one by one, but it will take a long time depending on the number of herbs you have.

For specific instructions to add herbs, click here

Step 3 – Add Premix Formulas

If you do not want to add premix formulas to your dispensary, you can skip and move on.
If you do want to add premix formulas to be used in custom formulas, click here for instructions on how to import premix formulas

Step 4 – Setup Shipping

Do you want to ship products to practitioners or patients?
If no, skip this section. If Yes, click here for information on how to setup your shipping

Step 5- Setup Taxes

Do you need to charge taxes on herbs and products?

If no, Skip this section

If Yes, go here to setup your taxes.

Step 5- Select Herb Names

There are currently 4 herb name types in your dispensary; Latin, English, Pinyin and Chinese. Pick your preferred name type and the system will default to this, go to Admin > Settings > Catalog > Single Herbs

Step 6- Create a Label

After building a custom formula, you may also want to print a custom label for your order. You can design different labels for different herb types. To create your first label, click here.

Step 7- Setup Payments

You can collect money from patients and other practitioners from within your dispensary application. If you using the dispensary-tree system to just keep track of herbal medicine and do not want to collect money, you can turn the checkout off.

To turn the checkout, go to Admin > Settings > Orders, and then toggle off “Practitioner Checkout”

To setup Square, Click Here
To setup, Click Here
To setup Moneris, Click Here
To setup Moliie, Click Here

Step 7- Add Inventory/Stock Amounts


When we refer to inventory, we are referring to how much you have of each single herb, premix formula or product. There is a seperate section in your admin called “Inventory”, which holds all the information pertaining to lot numbers, quantities, transactions, balances. The other sections “Single Herbs, Premix Formulas and Products” are just information about what is contained in your catalog. Those sections do not deal with how much of it you have on hand.

To BULK Import your Stock/Inventory – Click here
To MANUALLY add stock inventory manually – Click here

Additional Settings & Options

Date Display
Everyone likes to view their dates different. You can choose how you display dates throughout your dispensary. Example YYYY/MM/DD or MM/DD/YY.  
Go to Admin > Websites > Practitioner Website and also go to the tab “Admin Website”. On both these pages, you can specify how you want the date displayed.

Products Built with Single Herbs & Premixes

Products Linked to Single Herbs and Premix Formulas
You can create products using single herbs or premixed formulas from your inventory.  This may include a common formula that is purchased but not modified.  ‘Herb products‘ cannot be added to a custom formula, but if someone orders a herb product, you can adjust your inventory levels when they order it.

Customize Formula Builders

There are specific custom formula builder options which allow you to control the formula builder pages and its options. Click here for help on customizing the Formula Builders.

Currency Symbol

You can choose the currency symbol shown throughout your dispensary.

Order Number Prefix

You can specify the order number prefix which will appear on the invoice.

Practitioner Markups

You can permit practitioners to markup orders to make a profit. You can turn this function off and it will be hidden from practitioners.

Edit Notification Emails

Email notification can be sent to either patients, practitioners or the admin.  You can modify these email messages and even create your own email messages which you can send to patients and practitioners.