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Import Premix Formulas

Importing premix formulas can be easy or it can be very tedious, and potentially a task you do over time.
To get the premix formulas in the system, its basically the same as importing single herbs, but instead we have given its own area in the software. We did this because premix formulas actually have many herbs contained in it, and we want to list those herbs on labels. The system doesn’t force you to add the herbs contained within the premix formula, you can just upload the premix formula name if you want. The tedious part is listing all the herbs contained within, but it can be done over time, and you can upload the information.



Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Import > New Data > Premix Formulas


Chinese Herbs:
Download Premix Granules – Name of Premix Only


Mandatory Fields
The only mandatory fields in this file are the following. All the other ones can be left blank.

Name of Premix ( pick one)
Herb Type
Selling Price*
Cost Price*

* if you don’t know your cost price or selling price, just enter any value or enter 0.01. If you don’t have a SKU#, make one up, or copy the suppliers. You can easily update the data at anytime and come back to it. Your goal initially is to get the data into your dispensary.


How to Import Premix Formulas with the Herbs:


  1. Since there are many herbs in the formula, you need to create a line for each herb. It will look something like this.
  2. Everything else in the row will just be duplicated, other than the herb name and herb Quantity.


Fields Descriptions:

This is a description of all the columns in the CSV file to upload premix formulas in bulk.


SKU# – Any alphanumeric number you can use to identify your premix. REQUIRED
* only one name is required
English Name – English Name of Premix
Pin Name – Pin Yin Name of Premix
Latin Name – Latin Name of Premix
Chinese Name – Chinese Name of Premix
Japanese Name – Japanese Name of Premix
Korean Name – Korean Name of Premix
Properties – Property of Premix
Channels Entered – Channels Premix Enters
Daily Dosage High– Highest dosage recommended for an adult patient
Daily Dosage Low – Lowest dosage recommended for an adult patient
Cautions and Contraindications – Supplementary information pertaining to any adverse affects by using the herb internally or externally
Actions – Actions of Formula
Pin Yin – with tones – if you want to list the pin yin with tones ( not used in the system yet, but you can add it here)
Toxic – List if the premix is toxic
Status – The only possible values are “Publish”,”Published”,”Pending Review”,”Draft”. REQUIRED
Brand – Brand of premixed formula
Supplier – Supplier of premixed formula
Description – Description of Herb
Quantity – not used, please ignore
Reorder level – If stock levels fall below this amount, it will appear in a low stock report, so you will know you have to order more.
Category – If you want to add More than 1 category for single herb than add join two category with “|”. for example “Abc Cat | xyz Cat”
Herb Type – Only Possible value is ‘Granules’,’Tinctures’,’Raw’,’Concentrates’. REQUIRED
Alcohol – the percentage of alcohol ( do not include the % sign). If no alcohol, leave blank
Selling price – The price per gram, ml, or oz you are selling the herb for. REQUIRED
Cost Price – The price you paid per gram, ml or oz for the herb. REQUIRED
Ratio – The ratio of the herb. For a 5:1 ratio, enter 5.
Herbs – Herb in the premix – one per line. See example below
Herbs Quantity – Quantity per herb. This is for label and infosheet purposes only.

Range Slab 1
Range Slab 2
Range Slab 3
Range Slab 4
Range Slab 5
Price Slab 1
Price Slab 2
Price Slab 3
Price Slab 4
Price Slab 5
Image Url – A url which is points to an image of the herb, file must be jpg or png and the URL must end with these file types. If you want to add More than 1 image than add join two image url with “|”.
Premix Import Id – Internal use only, Ignore


Enter Herbs of Premix

You can enter the individual herbs of the premixed formula, but this will be used to only print the information on the label and infosheet and will NOT be tied to the single herbs in your dispensary. To add each herb to your premix formula, you need to duplicate each line and have a different herb on each line.