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Go to Admin > Lists > Suppliers

herbs, premix formulas and herb products supplier list

You can add an unlimited number of suppliers to your dispensary and upload products you purchase from these suppliers.  To add a supplier, click on “Add Supplier” button and fill out the form.   The only mandatory field is the Name of the Supplier but we suggest you fill out the entire form.   Your dispensary also features purchase order functionality, and you can email the purchase order to the supplier.  You are only able to email a purchase order if the email exists in the supplier profile.   After you create a supplier, the supplier will be assigned a supplier ID, which you will need to upload products you purchase from this supplier.  


Available Supplier Fields:

  1.  Supplier Name
  2. Contact First Name
  3. Contact Last Name
  4. Email
  5. Phone
  6. Toll-Free Number
  7. Street Address
  8. Street Address (Con’t) 
  9. Country
  10. State
  11. Province
  12. City/Town
  13. Postal/Zip Code
  14. Description