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Lists Overview

Go to Admin > Lists

There are many lists of information in your dispensary.   The idea is to have one central area where you can list a lot of different types of data.   We are not going to create a help document on all the different types of list data.  To add a new item to a list, click on the Add Button and fill out the form.   The following is a list of the list sections available to you.  (listed in alphabetical order) 


Actions are shown in the Single Herb, Premix Formula and Product Records  (products coming soon)   If you add an action to your dispensary it will show up in this list and you can also add to the list.    If an action already exists in your dispensary, you can apply it to more than one record.  View more information about Actions


Age Groups
Age groups let you specify an age range for the purposes of communicating a dosage amount for that age group.  


Allopathic Conditions 
List allopathic (western medicine) disease terms and tag it to a record.  


List different product brands, and tag a supplier product to a brand name.  View more information about Brands

Add Product, Herb and Formula Categories to your dispensary and tag each record with its category.   View More Information about Categories

Add different allopathic drug pharmaceutical names and their drug brand name.  For your convenience we have added about 600 drugs to your dispensary by default.  


List all the different flavors of herbs


Herb Species
List all species of herbs


Herb Families
List the families of herbs

List the indications of herbs.  View more information about Indications.


Parts of Herb
List all the different parts of a herb.  For your convenience, we have listed most parts of a herb, but you can add to the list.  


Process Type
List the different ways a herb is processed or prepared. 

Research Studies
Keep a list of research studies. 


List your suppliers of herbs and products. View More Information about Suppliers


List symptoms of diseases and health related conditions. 


List tags for herbs and premix formulas. 


TCM Channels

List of the TCM Channels.  For your convenience we have listed many TCM Channels. 



List the different temperatures of herbs.  For your convenience, we have listed all the different temperatures.