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Go to Admin > Lists > Categories

There are 3 different types of categories:

  1. Product Categories
  2. Herb Categories
  3. Formula Categories
product, herb and formula categories

Add & View Categories

There are Herb, Product and Formula Categories and you can add categories for each one by selecting the appropriate tab at the top of the page.


Choose “Add New Category” and fill out the information.  The only information that is mandatory is the Category Name


Parent Category
You can specify if its a root category, or a sub category by using the drop down list

Choose if the category is Published, Pending Review or in Draft Mode. Only published status will make the category active. If a product category is active, it will show on the Practitioner website under Products.  Herbs and Formula categories are currently for internal use only.  

Specify the order of the category when its displayed throughtout the websites

Upload an image for the category

Enter a category description