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Build Raw/Bulk Formula

Go to Admin > Formulas > Build Raw Formula

To build a Custom Tincture Formula in the Admin, follow these directions. If you have multiple practitioners in your dispensary, each practitioner can login to their account to build custom formulas. The dispensary Admin can turn on and off certain sections of the formula builder using the Custom Formula Builder Settings.

Step 1

  • The active practitioner will be automatically selected. To change the active practitioner, go to the top menu in admin and choose a new practitioner.
  • Select a Patient. This field is not forced, you can create a formula without tagging it to a patient. You can also click “Add New Patient” to create a new patient profile.
  • Pick your dosage mode, either Per Day or Per Bag for Raw/Bulk Formulas
  • Enter the Number of Days and Enter the # of Bags. If on “Per Bag” dosing mode, you will only need to enter # of Bags, and the quantities in your formula will be added to each bag.
  • The herb type “Raw” is selected, but you can change the current herb type to a new herb type, and it will convert your formula to the new herb type
  • Enter a formula Name. Your formula MUST have a formula name.

Add Ingredients

Add Single Herbs and Premix Formulas to your new custom Formulas.

Add each herb or premix formula manually by typing it into the boxes on each line. 


Herbs can be added by their English Name, Latin Name, Chinese Name, Pin Yin Name, Sanskrit Name, Korean Name & Japanese Name.  Of course your dispensary may not have all these names, but you can choose which names are available by going to the particular practitioner formula settings.  

Add Dosages

Enter the amount of raw herb you want to prescribe either by the day or how much you want to be placed into the bag or packaging. 

Tag Herbs

You can tag a herb as “Preboil” or “Add at end” The purpose is to mark herbs that require additional processing before and later during the cooking/decotion stages. By tagging the herb, you can provide specific instructions for the patient which will be printed or appear on the infosheet.  

Enter Preparation Instructions

Enter specific dosage instructions for the patient to tell them how to consume the herbs. Information here will be shown on the label and infosheet, based on the dispensary settings.

Choose Add On Services

If add on services have been setup on the dispensary, you can select one for this formula. Based on settings, add on services come with additonal charges, including a fixed cost and a variable cost. Please read about add on services to understand how these fees work.

Enter Refill Options

Enter refill settings if you want to allow the patient to order their own refills. For a patient to order refills themselves, the patient website must be set to ON. The practitioner can also set default refill settings in their profile. If default refill settings are set, values will automatically be populated based on those settings. You can change the default settings on a formula by formula basis.

View Formula Price

The formula pricing section will list the pricing details about of the formula.

Ingredients Price
Shows how much the formula costs based on the price of the herbs and premix formulas

Additional Charges
Displays Add On Service charges

The sum of the ingredient prices and additional charges

If “Markups” are enabled on the dispensary, you can set a markup price. Practitioners can have a default markup price for custom formulas. If you do not want to markup the price, toggle the option to “OFF”. If markups are not enabled on the dispensary, this field will not be shown.

Special Instructions

The special instructions box is information you can enter regarding the formula which will NOT be shown to the patient. This information is submitted along with your order, and will be shown on the order. It’s purpose is to inform the person who is fulfilling the order regarding any special instructions regarding the formula.