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Inventory / Stock Settings

Go to Admin > Settings > Catalog > Stock / Inventory

herbal inventory stock settings

The following are default settings when you setup a herb or premix formula in your dispensary.   You can set these settings per herb or premix formula by opening up the herb or premix formula record. 

Default Show out of Stock to Practitioners
If set to NO, when you create a new herb or premix, this setting will be turned off.   Out of stock messages will not show to users, and if set to Yes, out of stock messages will be shown to users.  

Default users can purchase when out of stock
If no, practitioners will not be able to purchase this item if its out of stock, and if yes, practitioners will be able to purchase items out of stock. 

Default Low Stock Warning
Values entered into this box will be the default low warning level for new herbs and premix formulas you add to your dispensary.