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Add/Edit a Product

Go to Admin > Products > Add Product Button

To add a new product, 

If you want to create your own product which contain herbs and premix formulas, go here.

Fill out the following information

  1. Product Name
  2. SKU#
  3. Weight of Product ( for shipping calculation)
  4. Product Brand (optional)
  5. Product Supplier (optional) 
  6. Description

Then Press Save

Product Categories

Click on the Category tab to assign the product to a category. If the product is not assigned to a category, practitioners won’t be able to find the product unless they search for it. You can assign a product to one or more categories.  If the category does not exist, you can add a new category. 

Press Save when you are finished

Product Prices

Enter the selling price for the product and what you pay to purchase the product from the supplier. 

Unit Price
This is the price you are selling the product for

Cost Price
This is the price you paid to acquire the product. 

If you charge tax on this product, you can enable or disable the tax option.

Press Save when you are finished

Product Images

Upload an image by searching your computer for the file, or enter a URL of the image. Image must be in png, gif or jpg format.

Press Save when you are finished