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Dashboard Overview

Go to Admin > Dashboard

The dashboard gives you an overview of what is going on in your dispensary.   There are certain sections on the dashboard which can be turned on and off and also repositioned.  


The following Sections are available 


1.  Sales and Statistics
Provides a snapshot of current sales and new registrations for the current day, previous day, last week, Last 2 weeks and Last 30 days.  


2.  Low Stock
Shows you which items are low in stock based on your low threshold for each herb, premix formula and product.  There are different tabs you can click to filter by item type.  


3.  Orders Ready for Pickup

If an order status is marked for pickup, the order will appear in this list.  


4.  Notification History
Shows failed and successful emails that have been sent to practitioners and patients.    


5.  Latest Logins
Shows which patients and practitioners have logged in and out of  their account with a date timestamp. 


6. Unpaid Orders
Provides a list of unpaid orders.  Admin can easily re-send an email or text message to the paying party.