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Staff/Admin Accounts

Go to Admin > Settings > Account > Admin Users

You can more than one admin account in your dispensary, and restrict access to various sections of the dispensary. This is useful if you have a staff who is only responsible for specific functions, such as fulfilling orders. You can create a seperate login for this staff member.

To create a new Admin Account Username and Password


Click on “Add New User”

Enter a Username

Enter a password for the Account & Again Verify the password

Click on “Select Modules” and a popup will show, letting you restrict access to various sections of the Admin

The other fields on the page are not mandatory, but always highly recommended

Click on the toggle “Active” to ensure the new admin account is active

Press Submit

NOTE: The username will be slightly changed to include the name of your dispensary before the username you entered. Go back to the admin user list and you will see the exact username associated with your new admin account.