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Herbal Inventory 2


Tracking your inventory and always know how much stock you have on hand and when you are running low.

Batch/Lot Number Tracking

Enter the batch/Lot Numbers for herb ingredients, premix formulas and products. Track which patient or client receives each batch so you can easily do a recall if necessary.


View the average number of each item you are using daily and monthly and the system will tell you how many days until you will run out of stock.

Purchase Orders

Create Purchase Orders with your suppliers


Track Lot/Batch numbers and see every transaction regarding the lot for a complete batch number tracking system.


Track your cost of goods for herb ingredients and products you enter into the system. Set default cost of goods for all your ingredients.


Set low level warning limits and see all the items that are low stock in your dispensary.


Generate internal barcodes for herbal ingredients and products. Scan supplier barcodes to enter items into your dispensary and keep track of inventory.

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