Jason Tarter

Jason Tarter

Herbalist and Lead Software Designer

herb record fields

Herb Record Fields Update

herb record fields

We have updated the database allowing you to store more information about the herbs in your dispensary. This information will be shown to practitioners in the dispensary if they view the details about the herb. We will also add this information when a practitioner is building a custom formulation in a future update.

The fields we have added are the following

Multiple Herb Names – You can save multiple English names, pinyin, English, latin etc. Up until now you could have one of each.
Part of Herb (flower, bark, stem, root)

Granule Filler (starch)

Alcohol Type (grain)

Process Type (example, fried, cut and sifted, powdered, dry fried, calcined)

Herb Temperature

Classification (Family and Species)

Herb Flavor

Associated Allopathic Conditions

Actions and Indications

Recommended Dosages

Cautions and Contraindications

Herb Interactions

Similar Herbs

Symptoms it Treats

Possible Drug Interactions


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