Dispensary Features

Start using the most advanced formula builder on the market.  Craft your perfect formula, save it forever & re-use it over and over.  Get your own database of formulas that will save you time. 

Provide your patients with their own private area to pay for order securely, download their invoices and order refills!   Let patients pay on their mobile, over email and control their data. 

Receive orders, manage orders, and fulfill orders in one easy to use to order management tool.   Print shipping labels directly from shipping carriers and provide tracking information to your customers. 

Integrated herb, premix and product inventory tracking with lot numbers.  Always know what you have on hand, and set low inventory tracking for every item in your dispensary.  Easily reconcile inventory and get a handle on this tedious dispensary task. 

Sell your herbs for any price and create price tiers to sell your 

Create and manage emails and text message notifications.  Add custom signatures, and edit all the content of any notification going to practitioners, patients or the admin!

Keep track of every herb you have and even ones you don’t!  Add an unlimited number of herbs in various forms. 

Create an unlimited number of products to prescribe to patients.  Create products from your herb inventory

Integrate with third party companies to accept payments and get real time shipping rates from all major carriers.   

Customise your labels and print with any label printer.  Use any avery label template to print on any type of printer you have!   It’s that easy. 

Create infosheets for custom formulas and products with almost any field from your dispensary.   Ensure patient compliance and provide all details about the formula and products to the patient.  

Create reports to show you how much revenue you are generating from your dispensary, how much your inventory is worth and know how your dispensary is performing.   

Create an unlimited number of discount codes for your customers.  Reward VIP customers with automatic discounts on anything you sell. 

All data is monitored 24/7 on HIPAA secure servers