Jason Tarter

Jason Tarter

Herbalist and Lead Software Designer

Updated Herb Record

Anticipated Launch November/December 2021

Being able to save data about an herb is extremely important. This is why decided it was time to update the herb record in the dispensary software. This article will outline the herb attributes you can tag to a herb so you can hold more data. We have also added more fields of data, which is discussed in this article.

Patient Safety

The safety of patients is the number one concern for practitioners. Relaying information about a herb toxicity, its processing, whether to avoid the herb during pregnancy or if its nut free is vitally important. Herbalists are often prescribing a multitude of herbs at one time, and having access to this type of information can help them make informed choices and prevent unnecessary and unwanted side effect.

Our new herb record will allow you to tag herbs with the following attributes:

Contains Animal Products
Contains Egg
Contains Corn
Contains Wheat
Contains Fish
Contains Soy
Contains Artificial Sweeteners
Contains Peanuts
Contains Milk
Contains Shellfish
Contains Treenuts
Contains Cholesterol
Contains Mustard
Contains Sesame
Contains Sulphites
Contains Nuts
Made in a Peanut free facility
Contains Aristolochic Acid
Caution with Pregnancy

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