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Your Own Herb and Formula Database

Herb and Formula Database

DispensaryTree lets you add an unlimited number of herbal ingredients to your dispensary and then save information about each herb.

Herbal Medicine Types

Single Herbs

There are different types of herbs you can add to your herbal medicine dispensary.   We currently support Raw/Bulk, Tinctures, Granules and Concentrates.   In a couple of months you will be able to add your own herb types such as Essential Oils.

Premixed Formulas

You may be creating your own premixed formulas or purchasing premixed formulations from suppliers.  An example of a premixed formula is a tincture that contains many different herbs or a formula purchased in granules from a supplier where all the herbs are mixed together prior to dispensing.

Single Herb and Premix Formula Data Saving

You can save a lot of information about your single herbs and premixed formulas.    You can also modify the system to include or disclude any of the fields or attributes about a premixed formula or single herb ingredient.


Fields for Single Herbs and Premixed Formulas

Ingredient Images  –   Add Images of Each Single Herb or Formula
Ingredient Notes  –   Add Your Own Notes
Supplier Products –  Add Supplier Products and how much you pay
Description  –   Add a Description
Categories –  Assign it multiple categories
TCM Channels – Specify the TCM Channels
Flavours –  Specify the Flavors
Temperatures –  Specify the Temperature
Actions & Indications –  Document the reason you would use the ingredient
Dosages –  Enter the dosages for any age range
Cautions & Contraindications  –   List the precautions and warnings
Ingredient Interactions  –   List any interactions with the single herb or formula
Similar Ingredients  –  List other similar Herbs or Formulas
Allopathic Conditions  –  List Allopathic conditions associated with the herb or formula
Symptoms  –  List any symptoms associated with the herb or formula
Drug Interactions  –  Tag any drug that may be contraindicated with the herb or formula
Tags  –  Create Tags for the Ingredients
Research Studies  –   Document and save research studies involving the herb or formula
Classification –  Enter the classification for the Herb


Herb and Formula Attributes

There are many attributes about a single herb or formula you may want to document for each single herb or premixed formula.

Process Type
Part of Plant
External Use
Contains Aristolochic Acid
Contains Cholesterol
Contains Mustard
Contains Sulphites
Contains Sesame
Contains Nuts
Made In Peanut Free Facility
Caution with Pregnancy
Contains Gluten
Contains Corn
Contains Eggs
Contains Animal Products
Contains Wheat
Contains Fish
Contains Soy
Contains Artificial Sweeteners
Contains Peanuts
Contains Milk
Contains Shellfish
Contains Treenuts
Alcohol type
Alcohol Percentage
Glycerin Percentage
Contains Soy


Herb and Formula Database Highlights

Here is snapshot of some of the information you can add to your Herbal Ingredient Database

  • Multiple Herb Names in different languages
  • Multiple Images
  • Descriptions
  • Notes
  • Dosage Information
  • Similar Herbs
  • Herb/Herb Interactions
  • Herb/Drug Interactions
  • Research Studies
  • Herb Ratio
  • Allergy Information
  • Actions and Indications
  • Classification

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