Sell Products

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Sell Products

Add Simple Products or Custom Products to your dispensary to prescribe to patients.

Product Refills

Set Refills on Products so Patients or Clients can re-order products anytime through the patient website.

Product Pricing

Set your own prices for products and track cost of goods.


Create Custom Products from your herbs and premix formulas. Sell a herb or premix formula as a standalone product or create a formula that you sell as a product. You can create custom products from your single herb and premix formula ingredients.


Create Product infosheets that can be given to your patients or clients. Infosheets can be designed per product, per product category or for all products.


Keep Track of how much product you have on hand and set low inventory levels to warn you when product quantities are running low.


Create Product purchase orders with your suppliers. Add the products your suppliers sell to you so you can track your cost of goods.

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