Jason Tarter

Jason Tarter

Herbalist and Lead Software Designer

Dispensary Updates August 31st 2020

Updates were made live on August 31st 2020

–  Practitioner Account –  When viewing a formula it will show the herb name using the default herb name in Catalog Settings
– Sorting by SKU in Fulfillment screen has a bug, it will be resolved. 
– Adding ability to add stock/inventory to the Lot on the lot view page
–  Average consumption of products/herbs by month isn’t calculating properly, it will be resolved. 
– Order Fee calcuations from orders created in admin, currently not functional. 
–  After practitioner registers for an account, there will be a success page which the dispensary can control the content. 
–  Other minor changes not worth mentioning
–  Committed Inventory Bug when order contains multiple formulas

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