Jason Tarter

Jason Tarter

Herbalist and Lead Software Designer

Dispensary Upgrades July 2020

Next Scheduled Update is Scheduled on Tuesday July 21st 2020

On Tuesday July 21st, we will see the following items upgraded in your dispensary

Main Updates

1.  Create Formulas in Admin

2.  Order Products and Formulas for any Practitioner

3.  Updated Practitioner and Patient Profile in Admin

4.   Refill Page to manage refills easily

5.   We changed the admin menu, bringing Single Herbs and Products as a top navigation menu.   Premix formulas is now under the formula tab.  

6.  We added a shopping cart in admin to checkout orders

7.  Go to the products page, you can place items in the cart for the active practitioner

8.  To change the active practitioner, go to the top menu bar and choose a new practitioner.   Items placed in the cart will be accessible to the practitioner in their account. 

Admin Functions
We are adding every feature from the practitioner account into the Admin.   This is not an exhaustive list of all the new features, but the main ones.

We have changed the menu a bit, moving Single Herbs and Products as a top menu item in the Left Navigation, moving Premix Formulas under the formula tab, and remove “Catalog” as a main menu item.   This will make it easier to access Products and Single Herbs with less clicks. 



We have added the formula builders to the admin and you can create formulas for any practitioner.

    • You can build formulas in the admin
    • Save Formulas in Admin
    • Access any practitioners’ formulas
    • Order Formulas


We have combined ‘products’ and “products made from formula ingredients” into one section for easier access. 

You can add these products to a shopping cart in admin for purchase.


Create orders and check them out

Access Cart of any practitioner

Save items for later

Practitioner Profile

We have Improved practitioner profile by adding every option from the practitioner account into the admin. 

Order history of Practitioner
Re-Order/Edit Formulas
Access/Edit all practitioner settings

Patient Profile

Add New Patients for any practitioner
Patient Order History /Re-order
Access and control Patients Refills
Order Refills for Patients in admin


Mange all refills from one page

Register a New Dispensary

Use the most advanced herbal dispensary software