Running a small business is challenging at the best of times and having the right tools to get the job done cannot be understated. When your small business defies easy categorization and your retail and online sales needs are very industry specific, it gets harder to find those essential tools and frustrating to try and operate without them. That's where Dispensary Tree steps in. The software is designed by Chinese medicine herbalists for Chinese medicine herbalists. It is a malleable platform that lets you design your herbal pharmacy the way you want. Selling bulk herbs? Granules? Tinctures? Custom products? Patents? You can set up your system to display all the various forms of medicine you sell. You can customize your pricing structures, tier the pricing by quantity sold, create custom labels by product type, upload photos and descriptions for everything you sell, print reports on items sold, compare gross vs net sales, and so much more. The best part about being part of the Dispensary Tree family is that the company is growing and evolving. There is a team of people working to improve the software every day, rolling out innovative updates, and fixing bugs as they arrive. This system has built-in support to help you run your business like you want to, with a team of people ready and able to make improvements and fix problems. In a world of constant startups and big promises, Dispensary Tree can actually follow through on their commitments. Integrating this software into your business will be one of the best decisions you've made all year.

Travis Kern

Root and Branch Dispensary

China Herb Company had sought a solution for our custom herb compounding services for years and we feel fortunate to have been early adopters of DispensaryTree. Software this complex is literally out of reach for a small company like ours. This platform has allowed our customers the convenience of ordering all our products online, with direct shipping, easy mark ups, customization for practitioners and more. On a daily basis we have new customers registering to become customers. Jason works tirelessly to improve the software and we look forward to partnering with him for years to come.

Cara Frank

China Herb Co

"Jason has been wonderful to work with! I typically receive an answer to any questions the same day and often within the hour no matter how small or complicated they may be. I am happy that I chose to use Dispensary-Tree software. Jason listens to his users and is continually working to improve and expand the software and features based on feedback he receives".

Bethany Ziman

The Herban Pharm

Anyone who works with herbs in a dispensary situation, or even an individual who is a herbalist and makes herbal medicines can greatly benefit from Dispensary Tree.

This software is not only robust, but extremely flexible. Imagine a full-fledged system to track inventory, create herbal formulas, create products, provide USDA compliant labels, track clients and their orders, allow a dispensary to sell to practitioners, and so much more. This is the only dispensary software you will ever need.

Support from the developer is outstanding. It is seldom that you wait more than a few hours for an answer.

We use this in our herbal clinic practice and we have been more than satisfied with all it can do.

I strongly recommend this to anyone who works with herbs.

D. Warren

New Mexico Herbal Clinic

We are an herb shop and clinic and provide custom formulations for our customers and clients. Dispensary Tree is an indispensable part of our practice. It allows us to easily track our inventory and client formulations and is a big part of our good manufacturing practice. Whenever we have a problem or question, Jason is readily available with solutions. We can't imagine doing business without this invaluable tool. Five stars!!!

Thanks Jason - we truly do love your product and your service!

Cheryl Fromholzer, Clinical Herbalist and Herbal Educator

Gathering Thyme

I'll start off by saying that this is a bias review because I was the one who created the software, but we use Dispensary Tree for our own Dispensary at Herb Dispenser and it has allowed our practitioners to easily create custom formulas and order products for their patients.  Being the developer and a customer allows us to identify issues with the software and fix them fast.  We build the software and we also use the software.   We have put a lot of effort to ensure our software is customizable and very specific for herbal medicine.  

Jason Tarter, R.TCMP, R.AC

Herb Dispenser

Dispensary Tree software is mobile friendly, super easy to navigate and has helpful video tutorials. Both students and practitioners alike will find this platform ideal for tracking and shipping formulas, inventory and pricing and patient communications.

Kerri Westhauser, DACM; L.Ac.

MUIH Chinese Herb Dispensary

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