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Custom labels and Information Sheets

Show patients and practitioners that you are organized, professional and have patient safety always in mind. Following strict guidelines ensures you are compliant by providing important information about custom formulas and products. Improve patient safety by ensuring every patient receives a list of herbal ingredients they may be ingesting or applying topically. Each custom formula will generate a custom label and info sheet.

Label Highlights

  • Generate any size label you want
  • Use Avery Label Templates
  • Use Any Printer to print a label
  • Create Multiple Labels Per Custom Formula
  • Assign Specific Labels to a Patient
  • Add Your Logo and Styling
  • Choose what is displayed

Information Sheet Highlights

  • Create Multiple Infosheets
  • Add Your Logo
  • Create your Infosheets from Scratch
  • Add your Own Sections
  • Choose what is displayed
  • Add Multiple Graphics
  • Select your preferred Fonts and Styling

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