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Jason Tarter

Herbalist and Lead Software Designer

Custom Herb Formulas

custom herb formulas
Create Custom Herb Formulas

Do you create custom herb formulas for your patients?   You are in the right place, because we work everyday to make custom herb formula creation easier and better for herbalists all around the world.   Our software is built for herbalists who create custom formulas and want a place to store them forever!   If you are like us and have too many herbs to count, its time you start to use information technology to help manage your herb and your herb formulas.

Saving Herbal Formulations

Saving custom herb formulas is vital to being organized.  At the click of a button, we can generate and modify any formula we have already created and then save it for the future.  All custom herbal medicine formulas which have been prescribed to a patient are tracked and easily re-ordered or modified based on the patient’s progress.  

Providing an Infosheet with the formula

Being professional and compliant are two key areas which will separate your practice from another herbalist.   Every custom formula we create and customised information is generated which we can provide to a patient.   Herbalists using our software can design their infosheet, and include their logo on the infosheet. 

Printing a Custom Herb Formula Label

A compliant label is just as important as the infosheet.  Providing patients with the ingredients and dosage instructions right on the label is necessary.  Our labels are generated quickly and can be printed out on any label printer, as well as merged with any Avery Label template which is square or rectangle.   This means you can use any printer to print a custom herb formula label. 

Sharing Custom Herb Formulas

Herbalists often want to share their custom herbal formulations with other herbalists.  Our software allows you to tag formulas as shared and let other herbalists using your dispensary to access these custom herbal medicine formulas. 

Automating Custom Formulas

Along with the other features of DispensaryTree, Custom formulas is at the heart of our program.  We let practitioners automate the creation of custom formulas and you can build custom formulas in Raw/Bulk, Tincture, Granular and Concentrate herb types.     Practitioners can also create products which contain custom herbal medicine formulas to be sold directly to their patients.

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