Jason Tarter

Jason Tarter

Herbalist and Lead Software Designer

Custom Formula Infosheets

Infosheets are now moved out of BETA and it is safe to use.  All data is populating properly and the functionality works.  I am working on a help video and documentation for the infosheets.  Many dispensaries went ahead and started using it and were able to figure it out with some minor help.  An email will be sent out announcing it.   The old infosheets are not going anywhere anytime soon, but I will do no further development on them and will not fix any bugs or issues that arise.  The new infosheets give you a tremendous amount of flexibility and options.


Projects we are working on. 

1.  Updated Herb Record  
It is pretty much complete, I’m just getting them to fine tune it.   You will have a lot of fields of data and can turn fields on and off. 

2.  Purchase orders
It is pretty much complete, and then you can create purchase orders.  What’s really great is you can automtically add the contents of your purchase order to the add inventory screen when it arrives.  No more adding one item at a time when receiving new stock!  

3.  Multiple Suppliers
You can create multiple suppliers per herb and also add supplier products.  

4.  Pricing Rules
You can set pricing rules based on the cost of goods.  Example, price of herb increases, you can have the system automatically adjust your price. 

5.  Barcode Scanning
We are upgrading barcodes in the entire platform.  Every label, infosheet, invoice can have a barcode on it.  You will be able to scan barcodes of any third party product and scan barcodes when you are fulfilling orders.   

6.  API’s.   In about 2 weeks we will have API’s pretty much done to connect to third party platforms.  

7.   Practices –   Practitioners will be able to create practices within their account and add practitioners to their practice.     This coding is complete, a bit more functionality is required.  

8.  Premix Formulas –  We need to upgrade the premix formula records to match the new herb records.  

9.  Practitioner Catalog –  You can provide practitioners a catalog of your herbs and then also premix formulas, to show them what you have in stock, its price etc.   Just fine tuning the search capabilities. 

10. Formula Builder 
Some minor changes will come to the formula builder.  One thing you’ll be able to do is list supplementary information next to the herb name.   Example you can list the herb name and then the ratio next to the herb name in the same drop down.   Other information you can list includes its process type, alcohol percentage, if its organic, wildcrafted.

11.  Showing Out of Stock Messages
You will be able to turn off the out of stock messages if you don’t want to show this information.  

12.  Purchasing out of stock items. 
You will be able to restrict the purchase of a formula if there are out of stock items.

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