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Create Custom Herb Formulas

Easily Create Herbal Formulas

Create Custom Herb Formulas

A custom herbal medicine formula combines different herbs together and varying amounts for the patient to consume.   The software supports 4 different herb types including Raw/Bulk, Tinctures, Concentrates and Granules.    We have updates coming that will allow for you to create more herb types for unlimited possibilities while creating custom herb formulas.



You can create patient profiles which can be tagged to any custom herb formulas.    When you build your custom herb formulas, you select the patient that you are building the formula for, but it is not mandatory to select a patient, as you are able to create a formula without a patient.


Herb Types

You can build a custom herb formula using one of the 4 herb types, but we are working on updates to allow you to combine different herb types together.   This will be important for Naturopathic doctors who do IV therapy and Ayurvedic Practitioners who build complex formulas using various herb forms.     Herb Types can be renamed.


Combining Single Herbs and Premixed Formulas

Herbalists often have single herbs and also premixed formulas on hand.   You can database and store information about both herbs and premixed formulas and while building a formula, you can combine premixed formulas and single herbs into one formulation.


Preparation Instructions

Formulas may require the patient or end user to prepare the formula in a certain way or the practitioner may need to communicate important information about the formula.   During the formula creation process, the practitioner can insert or add preparation instructions.    Practitioners can also save templates for preparation instructions, so if they use a set of standard instructions on a regular basis, the template can be used and modified accordingly to save time.


Dosage Instructions

Dosage Instructions let practitioners specify the quantity and when the formula should be used or consumed.   Our formula builders let you modify the dosage instructions or practitioners can write their own dosage instructions for each formula.



Practitioners can set refills on each formula, and patients can order their own refills.   Refill information includes the number of refills allowed, how often the refill can be ordered, and when the refill expires.   When a refill is due, patients can login to their HIPAA protected website and pay for the refill, which can be picked up or shipped directly to the patient.


Custom Formula Label

A custom label is generated for every formulation, which can be modified by the dispensary.   Label information includes but is not limited to Practitioner Information, Patient Information, Formula Ingredients, Dosage Instructions and Dispensary Branding.    Labels can be changed to any size, and printed on any label printer or regular printer (with Avery Labels)


Custom Formula Info-Sheet

An infosheet is an 8.5 x 11 (standard paper size) sheet which can be printed on any printer.  The infosheet can display ALL information about the formula, especially long preparation instructions which may not fit on the label.   The infosheet is completely customizable, and you can add images, Static Text, your logo and all details about the custom herbal medicine formula.

Building a Custom Herbal Medicine Raw/Bulk Formula

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